Sunday, 27 December 2009

Typogateaux 09 was awesome, some people had gone to huge lengths in their creations, mine (above) took a long time in the night to complete with me and my sister baking and decorating to the early hours, fun fun. The idea was there were different typefaces on each of the cakes and if you could guess them correctly you get the cake. There were some other crazy creations such as a cake decorated with edible lego parts which can be used to construct typographic parts or Leigh Wortley & Hannah Jackson's blue cake? The winner was a lovely handcrafted cake with upon it a winter snow scene pointing to the north and the leeds college of art, by one of the first years. After we tucked in feeling rather queasy afterwards, unfortunately not everyone completed their Silent Movie videos and posted them to youtube so I didn't see them, never mind. But what a great way to get us into the festive spirit.
Pictures courtesy of Becca Liggins.

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