Sunday, 21 February 2010

For my partner's birthday I decided to treat him to a trip away so I booked one for over Valentines weekend to visit Bruges via the P&O ferries, which I would recommend to anyone. To be honest it was a fantastic way to spend some quality time and finally do something different after sitting on a computer for 3 weeks using After Effects on the last brief. I was a beautiful place and by the time we had arrived from the ferry and onto the coach it was bitterly cold and had started to snow, a perfect setting for romance.

Aside from drinking, walking and general monument looking there isn't much to do in Bruges because its so damn small! There were some fantastic chocolate shops and truffles to die for, there was a few bars which we had planned to go to, one of which sold over 400 different beers, coconut was my favourite and of course I had to buy some to take home. There was also some interesting architecture, every building seems to be designed completely differently to the next which not only went right from the main monuments in the Markt & Burg but right outward into the residential areas where it seemed houses were squeezed into place by this strange architecture in every nook and cranny. As a final stop on our romantic weekend there was the 'Lake of Love', James of course insisted in not having a picture and moving on... how nice.

Sorry for the lack of updates but i've been so busy recently with the hand-in and everything I haven't had time to blog. After handing the work in though the business didn't stop there, this week being 'half term' I decided to use it to the max so inspite having a week off I have only had one lie-in, the first stop then on my journey was Hull to where myself and my partner would go to Bruges on a ferry that night for yes thats right, Valentines Weekend. Jealous much? We couldn't stop though without going to the Deep. I've never been before but it is a really lovely place to see (not actually Hull as its just really a load of ports). Hence fishes galore and what lovely fishes they were, personally I liked the Nemo's (clown fish) and the mud skitters which were from the Guiness adverts. If you've never been before its worth taking a look. Oh! And I couldn't resist having a pic behind the wall of bubbles.