Sunday, 21 February 2010

Sorry for the lack of updates but i've been so busy recently with the hand-in and everything I haven't had time to blog. After handing the work in though the business didn't stop there, this week being 'half term' I decided to use it to the max so inspite having a week off I have only had one lie-in, the first stop then on my journey was Hull to where myself and my partner would go to Bruges on a ferry that night for yes thats right, Valentines Weekend. Jealous much? We couldn't stop though without going to the Deep. I've never been before but it is a really lovely place to see (not actually Hull as its just really a load of ports). Hence fishes galore and what lovely fishes they were, personally I liked the Nemo's (clown fish) and the mud skitters which were from the Guiness adverts. If you've never been before its worth taking a look. Oh! And I couldn't resist having a pic behind the wall of bubbles.

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